Worldhopper is a fanfic by Erin Mills. It is the counterpart to the Worldburner shared world setting, and said by Mills to be "Act III" of The Judith Saga.

The story followed the adventures of the Daria Morgendorffer of universe Daria-6 as she found herself involuntarily traveling to various worlds in the Daria Multiverse - starting with Mills' first story, Killjoy Was Here - and encountering alternate versions of herself, including the reality hopping villainess, Judith. This version of Daria suffered hallucinations of gruesome disasters from ages 5 to 12, which started to come back at age 18: unknown to her, her hallucination and nightmare was a vision of the destruction of universe D-316.

Worldhopper concluded in late April. 2013, with a summary (written by Erin) of the events and fates of all involved characters and settings shown during The Judith Saga. (Erin felt that he couldn't finish the fic in a satisfactory manner, but wanted fans to have a definite sense of closure to the series.) He also gave permission for interested writers to use the original characters who survived (particularly The Padre and NegaJane) in their own works.

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