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The Look Alike Series is an extended series in both script and prose form by Canadibrit, sometimes co-authored by Ben Yee.

One of the most well-known Daria fanfic series in fandom during the show's run and the popular enough to have a series of fanart dedicated to it, the Look-Alike Series (also known as TLAS) details the adventures of Daria and company after Lynn Cullen, a girl who looks and acts almost exactly like Daria (except Lynn wears purple instead of green and her hairstyle is slightly different), transfers to Lawndale High. It starts off as a then-standard school story with Lynn and the existing cast as wish-fulfillment rebels against the powers that be ("the Flak-Jacket Mafia"), with Daria and Jane being far more rebellious than they were in the show. Over the life of the series it escalated to find, among other things, the characters at war with the mob and a Mystik Spiral US tour.

The series consists of six "seasons," with interstitial specials, but the final season has not been completed - thus leaving the series in a darker place than was likely intended, with Daria on the psychological brink and (in a metafic touch) attacking Lynn for changing her world into a more chaotic state. The first "episode" is A Meeting of The Brains.


Lynn Cullen is revealed in later fanfics to be Daria's half-sister, a result of Helen having a brief affair almost two decades earlier with Jerome Smythe.

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