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Named for fanficcer Tananda by The Angst Guy. She usually wears a plain pastel green dress, which makes her look staid and demure. Her usual facial expression is no expression at all.

In the show[]

She was once seen sitting in the cafeteria with Scarlett in "Too Cute" and another time with Dawn - and in "The Lab Brat" she went from being Brittany's partner to abruptly being with Dawn instead - which are her main social interactions. She has a mauve party dress which she wore to go to the dance party in "Daria Dance Party" and the boat party in "Just Add Water", but didn't hang with anyone while there. She was in the Yearbook team in "The New Kid" - and even there, she was seen looking tired and bored in one scene before DeMartino dropped the sports teams.

Tananda WHOA.jpg

She was one of the kids betting that DeMartino would fall or die in "The Big House", and showed a rare expression - anger - when he didn't. "Murder, She Snored" has her looking unhappy by a History test score, so maybe she's not doing too well in class and blames him.

When Mrs. Stoller taught class in "Lucky Strike", Tananda began to fall asleep.

Appearances in fanfic[]

She was given her fanon name in "Scarlett" where she was a member of the Lawndale Leopard, a high-school girls' field hockey team known for its violent hard-partying ways, and a friend of Scarlett's. In "Lawndale Fighting Championship", she has the surname Inglis.

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