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Good-Bye, Diarrhea is the fourth "episode" of C.E. Forman's Lost Season One (of The Lost Seasons series), written in fall of 1998. Like all of Forman's Lost Season episodes, it is written in quasi-script form with three Acts and commercials.

The story was inspired both by Forman's earlier work writing Beavis and Butt-head fanfics and how the Daria show was quietly ignoring it was a spinoff - as he said in the author's notes, "I thought it'd be neat to explain some of the differences between the Daria of the two shows"


This story is set in Highland and recalls Daria's last days before moving to Lawndale, right before her birthday. Mr. Van Driessen takes it upon himself to throw a farewell party for Daria - not that any of her peers at Highland High actually care, nor does Daria care one bit that she's leaving town. In her last day, she futilely tries to get any useful response from Beavis and Butt-head who, once she's gone, admit she was "cool" and theorise she wanted to 'do it' with one of them.

Daria gains her new green-jacket-black-shirt-Doc-Martens ensemble, surprisingly a birthday present from Quinn: " I just went with the most godawful unsightly combination I could come up with, I figured you'd like it."


  • The story is told in the style of a Beavis and Butt-head episode rather than a Daria one, with pauses for music video commentary (not included in the fanfic) and the show's 'disclaimer' about not emulating the buttmunches.
  • Helen, Jake, and Quinn interact with Beavis and Butt-head for the first time in any fanfic.
  • The fanfic establishes Daria is moving to Lawndale during the Easter break, thus fitting with the fandom's early "Lost Summer" theory that "Road Worrier" and "The Teachings of Don Jake" take plus during the summer break. This take was mostly dropped in favour of 'her sophomore year is S1+2' as time went on.
  • Just before Daria is about to say where Lawndale actually is, she's interrupted.
  • Several Beavis and Butt-head references make their way in. The Morgendorffer house is the same design from the comics. A montage sequence mixes the episodes, the comics, and two of Forman's fanfics. The movers the Morgendorffers hired are "the same two men Beavis and Butt-Head once helped rob Stewart's house" (who pretended to be 'movers') - also tying in to "The Daria Diaries" saying they got her to be a lookout for them on a warehouse robbery.
  • Daria removing the doorknob from the old house is also from "The Daria Database."

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