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Ethan Yeager in Lawndale is an alternate universe fanfic series by Shiva that was inspired by a lack of gay male stories in Daria fandom. The change involves the aftermath of the episode "That Was Then, This is Dumb" in which the Yeagers are convinced by Jake Morgendorffer to move to Lawndale to expand their hemp business, and Ethan Yeager comes out to Quinn and Daria the day of the move, setting events into motion that change the dynamic of Lawndale in a big way.

Ethan gets accidentally outed by Quinn and the person other students come to in order to discuss gay rights and identity issues, even though he wishes that people would see past that and get to know the person.


Supporting characters appear from Roentgen's Fielding stories; Stephen Pierson-Wells II and Tom Sloane's extended family from "God Save The Esteem" The suggestion for 'Red Lion' to serve as Rex Attor came from ST91 on the Paperpusher. Ed 'the Head's last name Parker comes from the Lawndale Fighting Championship series.

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