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This is a complete list of nominees and winners of the 4th Daria Fanworks Awards. They were given out on February 3, 2008 for works released in 2007. Winners in bold.

Written works[]

Favorite Overall

Favorite Comedy

Favorite Drama

Favorite Dramatic Comedy

Favorite Melodrama

Favorite Romance - Straight

Favorite Romance - Gay/Lesbian

Favorite School-Centered (Lawndale High)

Favorite Jane Story

Favorite Helen Story

Favorite Jake Story

Favorite Quinn Story

Favorite Use of a Background or Supporting Character from the Television Series

Favorite Pre-Esteemsters

Favorite Post-Is It College Yet?

Favorite Character Development/Redevelopment/Growth

Favorite Alternate History

Favorite Crossover

  • The Adventure of the Chinese Restaurant (Daria/Sherlock Holmes), by MMan
  • Cornholio, Emperor of Outer Space! (Daria/Beavis and Butt-head) by cyde
  • A Cynical Shade of Green (Daria/Green Lantern), by echopapa
  • Daria 3059 (Daria/BattleTech), by Greystar
  • Legion of Lawndale Heroes, Year One (Daria/DC Comics Legion of Superheroes), by Roentgen and Brother Grimace
  • Magicsters (Daria/Harry Dresden), by LSauchelli
  • Nestor or: Joyce Does Daria (Daria/Ulysses), by Gregor Samsa
  • The One and the Other (Daria/Harry Potter), by JPAGC
  • Semiautomagic (Daria/Harry Dresden), by LSauchelli
  • Teaser: Alternate Ending for Ill (Daria/House M.D), by Scissors MacGillicutty

Favorite Movie Parody

Favorite Science Fiction

Favorite Supernatural or Fantasy Horror

Favorite Supernatural or Fantasy Non-Horror

Favorite Erotica-Straight/Gay/Lesbian

  • Odell's Pleasant Day, by Brother Grimace
  • Twisted Tales: Jane as Snow White, by Dervish
  • Daria's Raven Discovery, by JJXB
  • Repression and Repercussions, by Angelboy

Favorite Weird Idea

Favorite Ongoing Series (must have at least one new story during 2007)

Favorite New Series

Favorite Holiday Story

Favorite New Author

Favorite Non Fiction Essay

  • One nomination. Category removed per rules.

Visual works[]

Favorite Overall

  • Daria’s BoyToy, by S.C.
  • Daria and Jane Portrait, by S.C.
  • Daria Book Mark, by JNLN
  • Futuristic Daria, by Kemical Reaxion
  • Magic is Green, by Beatnik Shaggy
  • Quiet Girl, by kara-lija
  • Sick, Sad World, by theEvilTwin
  • Surprise Kiss, by Hershey-chan
  • You're Pretty Cool, Daria by Minkychanz
  • Curvaceous Quinn, by jmao

Favorite Original

  • Commish-Daria, by Fyuvix
  • Daria "lindas Gafas", by Esenkas
  • Daria, Jane and Quinn, by Ianmsquee
  • Daria, by Jjar01
  • Daria and Her Coat, by Beatnik Shaggy
  • Futuristic Daria, by Kemical Reaxion
  • I Had to Do It, by SRA
  • The Lanes Are The Best People, by altrntvgrlfrnd
  • Quinn Book Mark, by JNLN
  • Sick, Sad World, by theEvilTwin

Favorite Comedy

  • Daria and Jane : D, by blackcattlc
  • Daria Book Mark, by JNLN
  • Daria Morgendorffer, by Hershey-chan
  • Daria Morgendogfur, by JennaUsername
  • Daria Odd Parents, by Generationm
  • Mystik Spiral, by Christ-Off
  • Quinn Book Mark, by JNLN
  • Surprise Kiss, by Hershey-chan
  • Trentenfurter, by breitasparrow
  • What's My Age Again?, by Christ Oliver

Favorite Alter Ego/Crossover

  • Daria-The Animated Series, by Christ Oliver
  • Daria Meets Hellraiser, by Christ Oliver
  • Daria Odd Parents, by Generationm
  • Dariawing, by Enigmawing
  • Kim Possible 14, by graficoslozano
  • Magic is Green, by Beatnik Shaggy
  • Pinky Jane and Brain Daria, by Lycissa
  • Six String Daria, by Angel de Muerte
  • Velma Kissing Daria, by Christ Oliver
  • What's My Age Again?, by Christ Oliver

Favorite Single/Multi-Panel Comic

  • The Count Ickula Story, by Wouter
  • The Daria Club, by NomadX
  • Daria SinCity: The Donneria Party, by S.C.
  • Daria-What's in a Name, by bitwize
  • Lawndale: Ahem, by Reese Kaine
  • Lawndale: LOLIntro, by Reese Kaine
  • Lawndale: On Something?, by Reese Kaine
  • Requiem, by HelpfulSkittlesExplosion

Favorite Erotic

  • Amelia from “Camp Fear” Under a Tree, by Wouter
  • Big Sister’s Great Adventure, by Wouter
  • Daria/Trent Shipper Art, by Minkychanz
  • The Other Kiss, by Minkychanz
  • Quinn Maid, by Zackmolis
  • Sexy Busty Daria, by MDetector5
  • Standing on My Neck, by Biohazard-Kitty
  • Through a Webcam Lens Darkly, by Wouter
  • Trent and Monique Having Problems Breaking Up, by Wouter
  • Trent's Hot Necklace, by Minkychanz

Favorite Visual Inspired by the Television Series or the Official Books

  • Daria Desktop by AVChick
  • Daria in Road Worrier by Christ Oliver
  • Et Jane? Episode 3.05 Promo by Yerno
  • Stacy's Night at the Theater by vlademir1

Favorite Visual Inspired by a Fan Written Work

  • Alfred Phelps, by Kara Wild
  • Otherwise Known as Quinn the Great, by DJ
  • Daria's New Look for "The Rest of my Damn Life", by Richard Lobinske
  • Emo Jane, by Acidgirl
  • Fun with Maurice and Jane, by NomadX
  • Homeless Helen, by Kemical Reaxion
  • Jane as Snow White by Minkychanz
  • John Lane, by Acidgirl
  • Quiet Girl, by Kara-lija
  • She's Behind Me, Right?, by DJ

Favorite Holiday Visual

  • Merry Christmas Daria/Trent, by Minkychanz
  • Trick or Treat 07, by Dm Stealth
  • Valentines, by S.C.

Favorite Image Manipulation

Favorite Digital

  • Daria and Jane Portrait, by S.C.
  • Daria Wallpaper, by Kemical Reaxion
  • I Had to Do It, by SRA
  • Quinn as a Borg, by Eccles
  • Surprise Kiss, by Hershey-chan

Favorite Traditional

  • Daria, Manga Style, by Edward King
  • Daria Fan Club ID Contest, by Hellzgranny
  • Daria BW, by plays-with-axes
  • Disney Style Daria, by Heikgan
  • Exchange Jane Lane, by Beatnik Shaggy
  • Jane, by Anago
  • The Lanes Are The Best People, by Altrntvgrlfrnd
  • Sick Daria, by Beatnik Shaggy
  • Sick, Sad World by theEvilTwin
  • Sitting Daria, by Beatnik Shaggy

Favorite Mixed Media

Favorite New Artist

  • Enigmawing
  • Hershey-chan
  • JennaUsername
  • Lycissa

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