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A parody of the movie Grease written by Kemical Reaxion, featuring the cast as seniors. This story is written in script form and contains five acts.

Cast of Characters[]

The table below shows which character from the movie Grease is being portrayed by each of the characters in this fanfic. Some are more of a stretch than others.

Grease Character Daria Character
Sandy Daria
Rizzo Jane
Danny Trent
Kenickie Jesse Moreno
Marty Andrea
Jan Jodie Landon
Frenchie Brittany Taylor
Cha-Cha Quinn Morgendorffer
T-Birds Kevin Thompson & Mack Mackenzie
Eugene Ted DeWitt-Clinton
Waitress Helen
Principal Magee Angela Li
Scorpions Sandi, Tiffany, & Stacy
Vince Fontaine Jake
Patty Simcox Upchuck
Guardian Angel John Travolta
Johnny Casino Monique
The Gamblers Max Tyler, Nicholas Campbell, & Tom Sloane
Various Students Joey, Jeffy, & Jamie (the Three Js)
Various Teachers Margaret Manson, Janet Barch, Claire Defoe, Diane Bennett, Ms. Morris, Anthony DeMartino, and Timothy O'Neill

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