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Angel starts things off.

Named by The Angst Guy after fanfic writer Angelinhel. A punk-ish student in Daria's history and economics classes, recognisable by her shaggy, Farrah Fawcett-esque punk hair.

In the show[]

She has often been seen hanging out with Shaggy, starting with "Esteemsters" - as Shaggy had only just joined Lawndale High, they must have hit it off early on. In "Pinch Sitter" Shaggy either transformed into her or she magically switched places with him in the middle of class, that's how close they are! She has also been seen hanging out with Bob a few times, as well as several times with Dawn and once with Burnout Girl (Bob was with both Angel and Burnout).

"It Happened One Nut" showed her getting her career aptitude test results; she looked somewhat bemused by them.

While appearing mildly punk-ish, in "The Lost Girls" she was one of the many students wearing school colours to mark Val's visit.

Appearances in fanfiction[]

In The Angst Guy's "Scarlett" series (which christened her "Angel"), she is a member of the Lawndale High field hockey team, the Leopards. She becomes a close ally of Scarlett as the series progresses.

She became recurring in Charles RB's God Save The Esteem series, where she is a member of Quinn's punk gang, The Maleficent Eleven. A subplot in "Kneel Before Zon" has Angel being chastised by the group for getting good grades and studying with Bob, Quinn's rival, until Angel stands up to Quinn by threatening to glass her (proving she's still punk).

Angel also appeared in Doggieboy's The Cards You Are Dealt as Angel Marlowe, a friend/ally of Scarlett Hawkins and took part in a fight to the death against The Lawndale Werewolf; and, as Angel Ferrana, is a tag-team wrestler with "Slutty Girl" in The Excellent S' Lawndale Fighting Championship.

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